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Passion grows into professionalism - how can I help you? :-)


Most probably, I'll do wonders at what I'm best at and what brings about the most joy in me: my passions that I love sharing:

- English language practice & teaching

- independent travel & backpacking,

- public speaking & startup pitching,

- personal development.


I first discovered my passion for the English language, the skill of which eventually allowed me to teach and train my students (mostly adults, including English philology students). I had been doing this since my student days for 12 years.


I started public speaking in a business environment in 2003  without any training: intuitively, making many basic "school" mistakes, and experiencing various mishaps & mistakes.


A breakthrough moment came in 2011 when I won the recruitment for an internal corporate trainer and was directed to professional trainer training. Since then, at a completely different level of awareness, my coaching specialty has become public speaking. I have trained numerous corporates and professional groups (including English teachers) in the areas of the art and skill of self-presentation, effective business presentations, managing stage fright, and engaging with the audience.


Another important milestone of 2015 was joining the renowned educational program Toastmasters International, which has been shaping the best performers worldwide for over 100 years in practical public speaking skills, effective meeting & event management, teamwork, and leadership. Evaluating speeches with friendly feedback quickly became my specialty, and I achieved high rankings in nationwide competitions.


At the same time, having been working professionally in the world of startups and collaborating with founders since 2008, my interest in the art of pitching has also become natural. In 2020, after completing international training, I was acknowledged with a certificate of a startup mentor. Since then, with joy and passion, I have been supporting Polish and foreign startup founders in preparing for participation in events such as Demo Day, expert panels & investment committees, calls with investors as well as for national and international pitching competitions.

Jacek Bukowicki

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