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Thanks to the available technology, we can start with online meetings, although of course nothing can replace a face-to-face meeting. Let's have a free introductory coffee meeting :-)


At the first meeting, after getting to know each other, we will establish the details of how our further collaboration could go on. Each of us is different, endowed with various talents and strengths. It's worth using them, strengthening them, to ultimately start shining like a star :-)

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Benefits from working with me

Building better relationships with the environment

Building self-awareness & self-confidence

Establishing better contact with the audience and listeners, more effective communication

Coping with stage fright, overcoming fear

Turning stress into energy & strength

Awareness of your body language

Eliminating unfavorable behaviors

Effective startup pitch presentations

Acquiring clients, investors, grants

Training in English language

Preparing for international competitions

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Jacek Bukowicki

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  Pitch Academy

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